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If you are thinking of getting a boat rental service, but you can’t decide what kind of boat would be more suitable.Let’s take a look at our article together.

Boat rental service is one of the luxury holiday options that has been in our lives for many years. It was not as common as it is today to receive requests from the middle-income group for boat rental services. The serious increase in demands from foreign tourists due to the pandemic period of time appears. It is because of the optimal prices in Turkey. In addition, the number of yachts and boat rental agencies offering this service was increasing. As a result, due to the increasing competition in the boat rental market and the increasing demands increased quality of service.

With the widespread use of social media, more interest and curiosity about this service began to arouse in the masses. At this point, let’s fill the information gap about this service and show you how close your dream vacation is to you.

Rental Boat Types

First of all, let’s make a simple introduction to the subject of yacht types serving on the shores of this beautiful country. When it comes to yacht charter service, the first yacht that comes to mind is the motor yacht. Motor yacht charter has more options in Göcek and Bodrum, where boat rental services are intense. It is not that common in Fethiye, Marmaris and Kaş. However, there are motor yacht rental options that provide daily excursion services at these points. Accordingly, it would be better to determine the region where you plan to charter a yacht first. If this region is the majority of motor yacht rental options. If it is a point, you can easily rent a motor from here. If you want to find out what the advantages of motor yacht rental are, you can take a look at our article titled

If the characteristics of the yacht for rent are more important to you than the region you will explore.It will be better for you to make a choice according to the total number of people you will charter the yacht at this point. Motor yachts generally provide yacht charter services to groups of six. Less commonly, there are two-four- and five-cabin motor yachts available for charter for groups of four, eight, and ten.


On the other hand, the boats that offer gulet charter service can provide service to quite large groups. With twelve cabin boats serving up to twenty-four people. Boats with two to eight cabins.Which can host groups of four to sixteen people are the majority on the boats that provide gulet charter service. Gulet boats that provide charter services with ten and twelve cabins are in the minority. Groups of up to ten people can evaluate both motor yacht charter and gulet charter options. At this point, the factors that will affect your decision-making mechanism will be yacht charter prices and your budget. is friendly.

Different from motor yacht charter and gulet charter options. Sailboat and catamaran charter options can be chartered with or without a captain. For this reason, for now, we will examine the boat options in these two categories under a separate topic.

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