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Blue cruise, we have recently started to learn more about it in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Making holiday plans in this concept has now become a part of our holiday understanding. Let’s determine the best time for this together. You can take a look at our article titled “Which yacht would be suitable for me?

The first step of your blue cruise plans is to determine the yacht charter period. Generally, the tours are organized weekly. The weekly tour start and end days are Saturday. The tours you plan for shorter durations usually start on Saturday. If you choose the start of the tour as Saturday, you will have more options. You can also choose from above rental options.

After determining your yacht charter dates in your blue cruise planning, it’s time to determine the most suitable blue cruise time for you.

Best Time for Blue Cruise

Whether private or public employees or employers; Everyone wants to have a holiday in a way that does not disrupt their work. As such, the first holiday interval that comes to mind is religious holidays. However, blue cruise prices increase by 20% on average during the holidays. In addition, the holiday weeks are booked months in advance. Therefore, if those who want to go on a tour during the holiday do not make an early reservation, they will encounter much less options and high prices. Therefore, when planning, you should determine your annual leave dates according to the available weeks of their boat. You will encounter yacht options that offer quality tours.

Outside of our business life, air temperatures appear as secondary determinants.

Blue cruise season starts in April and ends in November. The weeks between April and June provide affordable prices. At the same time, the bays are calm and the air temperatures are ideal during these weeks. The weeks between June and September have higher prices. At the same time, the air temperatures and the yacht density of the bays increase. and prices start to drop. The bays also calm down again.

Busiest Months for Blue Cruise

The busiest and most crowded period of the season is July and August. In these months, the bays and islands also have a density of yachts. Since the air temperatures are also at the highest levels of the year, you should also pay attention to your sensitivity to temperature when planning your vacation.


To summarize, three features are decisive when reviewing your schedule for blue cruises. These are; prices, temperatures and personal tastes.

April, May and October are the most suitable months with the start and end prices of the season. While the prices in June and September are at the middle level, the prices in July and August are at the highest level. The air temperatures and the density of the bays also increase in the same direction as the blue cruise prices.

As a result, if your business is flexible, you can choose according to your budget and personal tastes. Even if your job is not flexible, you can create a holiday plan according to the most suitable options for your budget. With the right choices, you can make the most suitable budget-friendly holiday for you. We will be happy to assist you with your choices.